Announcing our 13th (and 14th) "W": a New York City RE Wiki and "WowPow"*

* WowPow is a new word we'd like to add to the vocabulary. It means a meeting (online or otherwise) that's established not just for discussion purposes, but also with a specific intent to generate greater influence and opportunities for its participants.

Mistakes are the portal of discovery--James Joyce

Well, I just flew in from the blogosphere, and boy, are my arms tired--if only from being constantly thrown up in the air as I read the misinformation, misunderstandings, misrepresentations and misanthropy expressed regarding VOWs, IDXs, MLSs, the DOJ v. NAR, REBNY and other matters real estate. I'd LMAO if not for all the unpleasant ramifications.

When visiting NYC's real estate forums, any informed observer who maintains some immunity to paranoid style is likely to recognize posturing displacing constructive postulation; and opinion, objective examination. Naivete seems widespread and affective response is too often a poor substitute for clearer, rational thought. Scant value (and a whole lot of frustration) is the only thing gained while watching this online mental voguing as it forsakes accurate formations and de-contexturalizes what little knowledge there seems to be held within the public's mind.

Each of these subjects--whether it's VOWs, MLSs, or any of the others mentioned--offers a simple constitutive triptych. The three essential "panels" represent objective elements ruled by scientific reality, subjective opinions seeking acceptance, and factors that might be either, but as of yet, remain unclassified. What seems to be important here is that all three be acknowledged, and that any expressed thoughts be assigned to their appropriate section.

I may be old school on this, but I believe anyone taking an authoritative stance, or who is in a position to do so, should be responsible for his or her errors and really work toward preventing such mistakes, or correcting them when they're discovered. To do otherwise reminds me of the kind of silliness demonstrated in the old kid's joke (here's my own chance to be a bit immature) about the young doctor embarking upon a private practice who asks his mentor for the secrets of success. He is advised to do three things: one, conduct a thorough examination of your patient; two, present your diagnosis; and finally three--and most important--no matter what happens, always stick to your original diagnosis. A few weeks later the young doctor sees his first patient who's complaining of stomach pain. The doctor conducts his examination but fails to really communicate with his client. Then he proclaims, "Sir, it is my diagnosis that your bowels are locked." The patient begs to differ. The young doctor repeats, "Sir, it is my diagnosis that your bowels are locked." The patient responds, "Doc, I really think you might be wrong about this..." but is interrupted by the doctor who emphatically states, "As I said, I'm the doctor, and it is my diagnosis that your bowels are locked." "But Doc, if that's it, why am I'm having to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes?!" The young doctor freezes, then, remembering his mentor's not so sage advise, states, "Sir, it is my diagnosis that your bowels are the open position".

You get the point: in viewing any situation, what's so difficult about admitting some ignorance or fault and then seeking a proper understanding, to be willing to really converse?

If this makes sense to you and you're ready to talk but also listen to others, expound but also reassess, proffer but take the time to research further, and inquire with sincerity, we plan to provide and host a NYC Real Estate Wiki. Please stay tuned and watch our navigation bar for Manhattan Homes Inc.'s 13th "W":
Wiki and WowPow...coming soon.

--Leigh Zaph. (any comments can be emailed to us at, thanks).