To Dream the Impossible Dream

John from our office had found what seemed to be the perfect buyer. She had money, plenty of time on her hands, and was committed to finding a new home. When he found a possible candidate and called, she'd be there in a flash. They would see apartments a few times a week and she would take him out to lunch afterwards to discuss the pros and cons. Sometimes he would reciprocate and take her to dinner after an evening showing and they would review what they'd seen. They also talked of other things. At one point she even encouraged him to consider dating her daughter.

This buyer always kept copious notes on everything she saw, and on the days John wasn't available she would have plans to meet with other brokers and view whatever they had to show her. (This was not unusual or inappropriate in those days because there was no common database and customers would work with a few brokers at a time to cover the whole market, and we all knew and accepted that.) All this activity was helpful and John felt he knew exactly what her apartment ideal would be.

This went on for a few months and then one day he saw the perfect place. He quickly called her to say he'd found her dream home. She was very excited and came over immediately. Walking into the apartment her face lit up. She walked from room to room, clearly in awe. Finally she turned to John with a huge smile and said, "You're right, this is perfect, it's absolutely perfect." John was so pleased and told her to put in an offer right away. "But, I can't." "Why not??" And with pain in her voice she answered, "John, because...because, then the search would be over."

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