Elements of Style

I never struck a woman in my life, not even my own mother.
--W. C. Fields

Before coming into real estate, I seldom wore a jacket and tie and to my mind suits were for job interviews and funerals. I was more of a tie dye kind of guy and managing rock bands had followed a different convention. Now my new situation called for dressing up and I was willing but not ready, so I went to Barneys for a couple of jackets, some nice slacks, and my mother found me a tie--something she picked up at a thrift shop near Sarah Lawrence where she taught. I had been wearing this tie for a few weeks and on many appointments when, on this particular day, I noticed my customer kept staring at my chest while I expounded on the stylistic elements of the apartment we were viewing. When there was a pause, she looked at me and said, "Leigh, do you know you're wearing a McDonalds tie". Peering down, I was mortified to see my tie's design, which I thought was just a design was in fact a repeating pattern showing the Golden Arches--obviously a tie used by management at the burger franchise. What could I do? I cursed my Mom, and revived my customer's desire to work with me when I quickly asked her if she wanted fries with her co-op.